Church Ministries are most of the time very challenging tasks. Prison Ministry is somehow the most uncomfortable; the work place as well as those to whom we minister.


Prison Ministry is about God’s love, in the midst of painful and troublesome atmosphere of prisons. Prison Ministry is a journey with detainees whatever their faith or background, to offer pastoral support and caring.


The responsibility of a Prison Ministry is to be aware of the humanity of everyone and to demonstrate God’s love. Having an empathetic listening attitude for everyone.


Mauritius being a multicultural and religious society is a gift and a threat at the same time. Prison system is not just a locked up place, but also a locked system with hectic rules and regulations. Particularly in matters of faith. A preventive security against proselytism.


Praise the Lord, our Prison Institutions do not have Anglican among the detainees. Sometimes this prevents from having effective Anglican Chaplaincy. However God’s grace is above all these barriers, in collaboration with Prison Fellowship Mauritius, many program had been set up:


  1. Listening and Counselling
  2. Spiritual journey
  3. Supporting detainees , families, ex-detainees
  4. Bereavement support for detainees
  5. Educational support
  6. Visiting detainees family
  7. Angel Tree program
  8. Ene Lalimier dan to lamizer “A beam of light in your sorrows” (in collaboration with the prison authority)
  9. Alpha course
  10. Accompanying officers when need be


The challenge of Prison Ministry is to help, broken and downtrodden people to rediscover themselves as a child of God, without any judgment, pressure or indoctrination. It’s the continuous walking along detainees that bring possibilities of transformation.


Fruits of Prison Ministries may not be numbered statistically but every single rehabilitated detainee is a joy.


Prison Ministry is a mandate by our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:31-46).