I           ILLUMINES

O         OINTS



His Grace, Most Rev Ian Ernest set up a committee acting under the aegis of the Diocesan Commission for Marriage and Family in August 2013.


The members were:


President            Mrs Nadege Pavaday

Vice-President    Mr Mike Jangeerkhan

Chaplain              Rev Eric Luximon

Treasurer            Mr Patrick Appadoo

Secretary             Mrs Stella Congo

Asst Secretary     Mrs Gisele Gobin

Members             Mrs Marie Paule Appadoo, Mr Sylvio Souroop


At a meeting with the members of the SION Committee, Rev Eric Luximon stressed on the following: we have been called in order to make the SION Group be different from the other elderly clubs. We have been called to serve, to be witnesses of God, to encourage the various SION Groups to go for activities and to report the Committee of their activities. Guidelines will be provided for organizing local activities. They SION Groups should aim at spiritual growth as well.


At a one-day Retreat on Saturday 28th September held at St Mark’s ,Poudre d”Or. The theme for this activity is “Dieu nous appelle à être ses témoins”.


The Archbishop spoke about the engagement and service according to Jesus Christ.


–  The time has come for us to have a religious preparation.

–  We should take quiet moments to bring ourselves nearer to God through meditation.

–  The psalms are most important for they express all the human emotions; either desperation or success, frustration to anger and from sadness to joy.

–  He dealt on need for taking responsibility of those near us, and be like the good shepherd looking after the sheep. To be able to take care of those who have been entrusted to us.




–  Reading the Bible

–  Protecting against the dangers and influences of the society

–  To be united and to prepare the People of God for service and  be united in our Faith and knowledge of the Son of God.

–  To take care of the weak, poor and needy.


Now we have about 150 people who are have enrolled in their different Parishes and we have three activities per year at the Diocesan level. One activity at Bishop’s House, one for the International Elderly Day, and one at a parish that can accommodate about 150 people.


The last activity took place on 30th November at Foyer FIAT,Petite Rivière. There were 105 participants and His Grace the Archbishop , Rev Lola and Rev Kevin David were the speakers.


–  After the opening prayers said by the Chaplain, Revd Lola Lavenerable, the Bishop thanked all of those present.


–  In his introductory words, Bishop Ian spelled out the different aspects of the Ministry of SION which covers the needs of the elderly in our parishes and the diocese.


–  To respond to their spiritual needs, he laid emphasis on the need to have printed or audio materials which would facilitate their devotional time with God.


–  As regards the pastoral concerns of this Ministry, he urged on the Diocesan Training Centre to develop basic training modules that would equip those in the SION Ministry to visit the sick and the bed ridden and to cater for those who face different situations and to furnish them with the appropriate advice. (For example: Legal Advice & Counselling)


–  He also invited the members of SION to develop a spirit of sharing between the parishes in order to build up a spirit of friendship and fellowship.