“We want an empowered, equipped and responsible lively youth group evolving within the diocese and the society, for the glory of Christ”




“Reach out for the discovery of our youth with their gifts and talents; share the love of God to show them to follow his will by valuing forming, helping, understanding and guiding them”




To fulfil the vision of the AYM, that is, having young people with a passion for Christ and being instruments of God’s grace, we have undertaken some changes in our approach. Our new orientation is based on a three-pronged approach where we hope that the young person will have spiritual growth, relational growth, and social growth.


Spiritual growth:


As the person grows physically we are also looking at the person’s spiritual nurturing so as to become to the stature of Christ (Eph. 4: 22). This aspect of ministry is achieved through biblical teaching, discipleship nurturing and mentoring.


Relational Growth:


As any point in a person’s life he needs to deal with life issues. We note that at times when one does not have a clear sense of identity life becomes harder and for young people it could be much harder because of various aspects such as peer pressure, world trends amongst others. So we are hoping that through the various programs in Parishes and in the Diocese the young person would be able to grow in his relationship with God, with oneself and others. (Ps. 1, Jn 17: 20 – 26). Hence our ministerial program is based on the life of Daniel and Stephen two young people who have showed huge passion for God in the way that they lived their life.


Social Growth:


As in the Great Commission (Matt 28: 16 – 20), Jesus instructed the Apostles to Go. Since our Diocese is gearing towards becoming more a missionary Church. We encourage our young people to become instruments of God’s grace to the world whereby they can go out into the world and be the salt of the earth and the light of the world in their everyday living.