History of our Diocese

We hold the Christian faith as received from apostolic times and the scriptures of Old and New Testament as our ultimate rule and standard of life. We are committed to obeying the commands of Christ, teaching his doctrine, administering the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion and maintaining an ordered ministry of bishops, priests and deacons.



The Anglican Church has been present in Mauritius since the take-over by the British in 1810. The civil Church was established when the first Civil Chaplain, Revd Henry Shepherd was appointed on 6 May 1812. This was followed by the consecration of the first Bishop of Mauritius in 1854 and the incorporation of the Anglican Diocese of Mauritius in 1973 by Parliament. Today there are 17 parishes.


The Cathedral

The Reverend Shepherd called for tenders for the construction of a church in Port Louis. The first governor Sir R. Farquhar had given the site of an old french Powder Magazine to the Anglican Community.

Our Bishops

To this date, 15 Bishops have served in the mission of God in our Diocese.


Our diocese have carried multiple movements along with its history. From Girls Guides and Mothers’ Union to the Boy Scouts and Saint Hugh’s Home