Radio – Parole Sous Les Tropiques



The first  broadcast on MBC took place in September 2002, thanks to initiative of Archbishop Ian Ernest.  Parole sous les Tropiques is broadcast once a month on <RM1-Radio Maurice> on the last Wednesday of each month at 19.30hours.  The program is recorded at < Studio dart Sonore> in Rose-Hill with the technical collaboration of Alain Juste.


The presenters are Maud Patten and Jean Oosman. To note also that Vivian Dinan, Liliclaire Luximon and Suzanne Tze also contributed to this program in the past.


The main objective of this program is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to listeners.  This is why each broadcast has a biblical message by a priest, a deacon or layreader.


Parole Sous Les Tropiques  covers not only the various ministries that exist within our diocese, but also the Training Center, St Hugh’s Home, The Bible Society, The League for Bible reading, The Mothers’ Union. . . . .


Among the people visiting our diocese, we have interviewed representatives from USPG, Piosa, SOMA and ALPHA.


We also hosted Rev. Amy Fallon, then vicar of the University of Massachusetts, Rev Daniel Tyndall of the Anglican Parish of Redding Oxford, Francis Koo of the Covenant Mission Center in Singapore, the internationally renowned musician Geoff Weaver, Rev Patsy Mc Gregor and Mike Bowerman of Kayman Islands.


The aim of Parole Sous Les Tropiques is to inform, and evangelize.