Rodrigues College


During the episcopate of Hugh Van Lynden Otter-Barry (1931-1959), the Parish of St Barnabas Rodrigues was lucky to have two priests, Reverend Marc Abel, a bright mathematician who coached young Rodriguans to qualify them for posts in the Civil Service and Reverend Gerald Ernest, who converted his rectory into a secondary school where he was teaching a wide variety of subjects; fishing, weather and agriculture in addition to languages, mathematics and general knowledge.
In 1956, Reverend Ernest registered his parsonage as a secondary school under the name of St Barnabas College by Kinaston Snell, Director of Public Educaion. The College saw tremendous development under Reverend Alan Chad Rogers and Dean Victor Donat (1963-1966)

In 1974, St Barnabas and St Louis colleges merged to become Rodrigues College. The first Principal was the Rev Donald Smith (Anglican) and the first Manager, the Rev Espitalier-Noel (Roman Catholic). Management was to be on an alternate basis. Rodrigues College was the sole secondary school on the island until the construction of state colleges by government.

Since that time, Rodrigues College has grown into a popular educational institution and has educated a large portion of the Rodriguan population. The motto of the college is “Sapienta Et Fortitudo” meaning “Wisdom and Strength”. Students wear a green and white uniform along with the college badge.