St. Andrew’s School

75th Anniversary

Film Competition/Drama Festival

  1. Intercollege Film Competition 2016: “Ti Pierre” where St Andrew’s School won 2 awards: Best Promising Actor and Second Best Script.
  2. National Drama Festival 2016: “Gémeau” where St Andrew’s School won 8 awards.
  3. Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of understanding between St Andrew’s School and Greenwich University.


The school was to be built near St Andrew’s Church, Quatre Bornes, hence the name St Andrew’s School but it was finally built in Rose Hill. Rev Thomas Pritchard, B.A. was the first Warden. In September 1946, the 29-years-old Reverend Gordon Williams Mc Avan, A. K. C., Chaplain of Radley, took over. He was a strong-willed personality and succeeded in getting a team of first class expatriate teachers. They all worked very hard and soon the school became one of the leading schools of the country. On 15 June 1950, the St Andrew’s College foundation was established by Ordinance No. 30 of 1950 on the wish of Dr the Honorable Edgar Laurent, C.M.G., M.D., Lic-ès-Sc. This was to enable the building of the School to be completed and to provide secondary education for Mauritian youth of both sexes. In 1952 the school entered its first candidates for the H.S.C. exams.

In July 1962 Mr John Russan, B.A., succeeded as Warden and during his term of office a new School Chapel was erected in 1964. December 1967 saw the departure of the last expatriate staff and appointment of the first Mauritian Warden, the Rev Rex Donat, B.A., LTH. At the head of a completely Mauritian staff.

Ham Koung (John) Ng Lung Kit became the first laureate (science side) of St Andrew’s in February 1972.